Industrial Sites from 50 to 400 Acres Available

6 Feb 2023


Site selectors can find industrial sites ranging from 50 to 400 acres in one region - Eastern Kentucky. Many of these sites are shovel-ready, come with financial incentives and can be permitted quickly. Colby Kirk, President & CEO of One East Kentucky will offer assistance to any site selector or business executive considering a move to the area. 

Industrial Sites from 50 to 400 Acres Available 

Eastern Kentucky has industrial sites ready for development. These include:

  1. Coal Fields Industrial Park - 380 acres
  2. Eastern Kentucky Business Park - 180 acres
  3. Gateway Industrial Park - 260 acres
  4. Kentucky Enterprise Industrial Park - 400 acres
  5. Big Sandy Regional Airport - 400 acres
  6. Pike County (Pikeville) Regional Airport
  7. Wendell H Ford Regional Airport Property 

There are additional sites available in Eastern Kentucky so if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact Colby Kirk. He can make note of your requirements and offer personalized recommendations for sites that meet them.