5 Reasons to Select an Industrial Site in Eastern Kentucky for Your Next Project

31 Jan 2023


There are distinct benefits to choosing Eastern Kentucky sites for a business expansion or relocation project, including a fast speed-to-market. 

5 Reasons to Select an Industrial Site in Eastern Kentucky for Your Next Project 

#1 Our industrial sites are affordable

Companies can lower the price they pay per acre by building in Eastern Kentucky. Financial incentives are available that can make the project incredibly profitable. Even without them, this region has lower real estate prices than near major metropolitan areas.

#2 Permits can be issued within weeks

Projects that have been stalled due to extensive and complex permitting processes should come to Eastern Kentucky. We can move projects through quickly because local governments want to add jobs to the area. We will expedite site permits and the One East Kentucky team can act as a concierge to move them along quickly. 

#3 Kentucky is centrally located

The majority of the U.S. population is within a day’s drive from Kentucky. This makes it easy to reach customers and suppliers. 

#4 Energy is affordable

Eastern Kentucky has historically been a major producer of energy for the entire United States. Energy is affordable here. Companies can benefit from reducing their energy costs by relocating here. 

#5 We have workers that want jobs

Because Eastern Kentucky relied so heavily on the energy industry, as coal has waned, the number of available jobs have also decreased. For employers coming in, that’s a huge advantage. It means there is a ready workforce who wants to be fully employed and is excited by the opportunity to expand their skills into new industries. 

Choose Eastern Kentucky for Your Next Industrial Site

Our region has a lot to offer. To see how Eastern Kentucky’s resources and situatedness can help your business, contact Colby Kirk, President & CEO of One East Kentucky.