Get Help Hiring Workers in East Kentucky

One East Kentucky and our partners are helping businesses to hire workers in East Kentucky. We understand that finding staff for businesses can be difficult, so our goal is to make the process easier.

Hire Staff in East Kentucky: Recruitment Support

Contact Christi Brown, Existing Industry Liaison for One East Kentucky, for hands-on support hiring workers for your business. As a local girl (from Martin County) who went to the University of Kentucky, Christi has connections with the local high schools, community and technical colleges, and partners who have contact with students and older adults looking for job opportunities.

The Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP) is an excellent resource for businesses looking to hire employees in Kentucky. As a One East Kentucky partner they have helped businesses in Paintsville, Hazard, Pikeville and all our Eastern Kentucky communities to find workers for open positions. Christi can make the introduction so you can hire employees quickly.

Hire Student Workers in East Kentucky

Community and technical colleges in Eastern Kentucky offer customized workforce training solutions. But, if you don’t need training specific to your company they are still a good resource for hiring talent. You can recruit student workers as they complete their program, which makes them more likely to continue working for your business after graduation.

Eastern Kentucky community and technical colleges can help you to hire workers through job fairs as well. Our partners include:

Learn more about the technical certification programs in Eastern Kentucky here. 

Hire Manufacturing Workers in Kentucky

The eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute is training the manufacturing workers Kentucky businesses need to grow. One East Kentucky is proud of the work our partners are doing to prepare talent for in-demand manufacturing jobs.

Learn more about the CNC Machinist Now program, the Haas Technical Education Network , National Institute for Metalworking Skills program, and how we are training Kentucky’s manufacturing talent. For help hiring manufacturing workers in Kentucky, contact Christi Brown.

Get Free Help Hiring Workers in Kentucky

No matter what industry you are in, if you need help hiring staff in Eastern Kentucky, contact Christi Brown. She will start by learning about your specific needs and then go to work finding a solution. It’s free to work with Christi. This means if you don’t have a hiring manager or recruiter at your company, working with Christi and our partners could be a way to get the help you need. If you are a hiring manager working for an Eastern Kentucky business, we can help you too!

Find workers in Kentucky with our help. One East Kentucky is here to help your business grow and succeed!

Find a Job in Kentucky

If you are looking for a job in Kentucky, or want to learn more about workforce training opportunities, contact Christi Brown.