What Could 10,000 Skilled Workers Do for Your Business?

25 Sep 2017

We are entering a time of increased economic prosperity, one that is full of opportunities for business growth. With the global marketplace demanding aerospace products, it is time for growing companies to ask, “What could 10,000 skilled workers do for our business?”

You Can Find them in Eastern Kentucky

10,000 skilled workers is a lot of talent. In most areas of the country, it would be impossible to find this many workers. In fact, with unemployment low, there are some regions where the HR department has a difficult time filling ten positions, let alone 100 or 1,000. In Eastern Kentucky, the opposite is true.

We have 10,000 workers laid off from the coal industry, making it possible to fill positions quickly, regardless of how many there are. These are not entry-level workers. To the contrary, they are highly skilled with advanced math skills and the ability to move into any advanced manufacturing position. We even have an abundance of metal fabrication workers. There are eight times more metal fabrication workers in Eastern Kentucky than anywhere else in the country. These are skills of the automotive and aerospace industry needs so, if you are having a difficult time with workforce attraction, maybe it’s time to consider Kentucky.

Available Training

There are training programs available in Eastern Kentucky that allow skilled workers to gain new skills in a different manufacturing sector. For aerospace companies that creates the opportunity to hire workers who are already skilled and get State support for training them on how to use new equipment.

Are you taking advantage of market opportunities?

The economy is growing in there will continue to be more opportunities that businesses can take advantage of. If you were presented with one, would you be able to accept the challenge or would a lack of workers prevent you from doing so?

Move to Eastern Kentucky

Position yourself to take advantage of market opportunities by locating in Kentucky and leveraging our skilled workforce to grow your company. With a low cost of doing business, lower cost of living and beautiful surroundings, Kentucky is an ideal place to base your business and find your new home.

One East Kentucky is here to assist you. For help or to have your questions answered contact CEO & President, Chuck Sexton at 606-886-7333 or by emailing chuck@OneEastKY.com.