Kentucky Is Focused On Growth in Aerospace

4 Sep 2017

Did you know that Kentucky is the second largest aerospace exporter in the United States? Kentucky has consistently grown in aerospace exports as more and more companies realize the benefits of locating in a state with a low cost of doing business and a highly skilled, available workforce.

Braidy Industries

The region is posed for explosive growth, in part, due to investments being made by companies like Braidy Industries. They are constructing an aluminum melting and rolling mill to serve the regional aerospace and automotive industries, investing $1.3 billion in the project. Craig Bouchard, CEO of Braidy Industries said, “We are on the cusp of a boom and by the way… Appalachia is going to lead that boom. It’s the best place to go and we are spending 1.3 billion dollars to prove our point there.”

International Opportunities

Demonstrating Kentucky’s commitment to growing the aerospace sector, a delegation recently participated in the Paris Air Show. The world’s largest aerospace event was attended by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, Economic Development Secretary Terry Gill, Braidy Industries CEO Craig Bouchard, One East Kentucky President/CEO Chuck Sexton, AEP Kentucky Power President Matt Satterwhite and other economic development leaders from Eastern Kentucky. This dynamic show featured more than 2,000 vendors and innovators in the aerospace industry, with C-Level executives of nearly 30 companies meeting with the delegation. This created an opportunity for Kentucky leaders to discuss the incredible advantages of locating a company in the state.

“Aerospace has been one of the fastest growing industries in Kentucky for several years now, and it is important we use every opportunity to build upon that success,” Sec. Gill said. “The Paris Air Show provides the greatest opportunity to do just that. The ability to meet in person with aerospace executives from around the world and discuss Kentucky’s many advantages will go a long way toward developing new relationships and strengthening those we have already established.”

Kentucky is gaining international attention for being an ideal destination for those in the aerospace sector and additional trade missions are being planned.

Eastern Kentucky is the Right Location

Many companies are choosing to relocate to, or launch in, Eastern Kentucky. This area has 10,000 available skilled workers ready to hit the ground running. With advanced manufacturing skills, an incredible work ethic and advanced math skills, these workers are making it possible for companies to set up shop in Kentucky and be operational right away. Companies who have struggled to find workers in the past, can expect to have thousands of job applicants for advanced manufacturing work. This makes it possible for companies to take advantage of a growing market.

Become Part of this Growth

Learn more about the opportunities presented by locating in Eastern Kentucky. This is the right time and place for the aerospace sector and One East Kentucky can help you to make your home here.

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