Aerospace Suppliers are Moving to Eastern Kentucky

11 Sep 2017

Kentucky is now the second largest aerospace exporter in the United States. With a low cost of doing business, pro-business government and an available workforce, this region is quickly becoming the center of aerospace activity. Now, as more aerospace companies are moving to Eastern Kentucky, so are their suppliers. Locating here makes it easier for suppliers to deliver products to support aerospace manufacturers, while cutting down on transportation times and expense.

Kentucky is Convenient

Kentucky is in a convenient location. In the middle of the new manufacturing belt, Kentucky is less than eight hours from over half of the country’s manufacturing plants. This makes it a convenient location for companies looking to supply the aerospace and automotive industries. With highway, rail, water and air transportation here, it is easy to move goods throughout the country using the most affordable and convenient method of transportation.

Kentucky is Pro-Business

Kentucky is now a Right to Work state and this is just one of the pro-business initiatives coming out of the Governor’s office. Kentucky is focused on economic growth and prosperity. This means doing what it takes to attract and retain businesses from cutting the red tape and reducing regulation to offering incentives and providing assistance with things like site selection. Businesses can find help solving challenges and coming up with solutions in Kentucky because everyone from local officials to Governor Bevin is committed to business success.

You Can Find Workers in Eastern Kentucky

With unemployment low throughout the country, many companies are having a difficult time staffing up, especially in advanced manufacturing. In some states, it can require a massive effort to recruit and hire the number of employees a company needs to sustain. This is not the case in Eastern Kentucky. With 10,000 highly skilled workers laid off from the coal industry, there are people here ready to get to work. It is even possible to have 1,000 job applicants in a week. For companies who have had challenges with recruitment, this can be a breath of fresh air.

Things Cost Less in Eastern Kentucky

Suppliers moving from the East or West Coast will find that things cost a lot less in Kentucky. There are plenty of available building sites, existing commercial properties, industrial parks and even virtual spec hangers that can be used by those in the aerospace sector. With so much available space, it’s a buyers’ market, so companies relocating are likely to save a lot of money by purchasing or leasing commercial space in Eastern Kentucky.

Why You Should Join Us

Convenient access to commercial property, skilled workers and low costs of living, make this move highly advantageous. Companies who had difficulty recruiting employees on the coast or major metropolitan areas find that they have their pick of skilled workers here. When combined with a lower cost of doing business, the move makes basic economic sense. This has led suppliers and support companies to consider relocation to the region and we invite you to join them.

You can learn more about the opportunities in Eastern Kentucky by contacting One East Kentucky CEO & President, Chuck Sexton at 606-886-7333 or by emailing