Eastern Kentucky is an AEROreadytm Region

18 Sep 2017

Eastern Kentucky is an AEROreadytm Region, being one of the few communities in the United States to meet the criteria. Kentucky is leading in aerospace exports and the activities in Eastern Kentucky play an important role in that. If you are looking for a better place to base your business, consider Eastern Kentucky.

What is an AEROreadytm Region?

This is a designation awarded by Common Sense Economic Development, LLC and Tucson/Atlantic Consulting. Prior to awarding this prestigious designation, they analyzed the nine-county region that makes up One East Kentucky to determine if the area could support additional aerospace-related businesses. The answer was a resounding “yes.

A region must meet different criteria to be awarded the designation, including:

  1. Airports with at least 10 acres of available land for economic development, supporting navigation aids for corporate aircraft and a minimum 5,000-foot runway;
  2. Availability of local training of technical skills often needed by aerospace companies;
  3. An FAA certified airframe and powerplant (A&P) training facility located within the state;
  4. Available industrial buildings or hangers suitable for aviation development;
  5. An available skilled workforce suitable for aviation employment;
  6. Adequate infrastructure to support the aviation industry;
  7. Aviation support service business and industry;
  8. A community pro-business environment;
  9. Proximity to University-based aerospace programs and research;
  10. Quality of Life assets in the region, which are essential to attracting executive talent.

Eastern Kentucky meets all these criteria, making it possible for aerospace companies to thrive here.

How Our Designation Can Help You

This designation confirms Eastern Kentucky’s commitment to being pro-business. It recognizes our developed infrastructure, easy access to airports, available commercial sites, and in-state training opportunities, along with our strong and skilled workforce. Eastern Kentucky has what your business needs to thrive. We are a Right to Work state who is implementing various policies, programs and incentives that make it even easier for companies to complete in a national and global marketplace.   

As a leader in aerospace exports, we understand how critical the aerospace industry is to our regional growth. Rather than looking at businesses to do all the work, One East Kentucky takes a team approach, coming alongside businesses to offer assistance and support as needed. You can count on us to help your company find a new location, get any necessary permits, find and train workers or whatever else is needed to make your business successful here.

To learn more about the support services we provide contact One East Kentucky CEO & President, Chuck Sexton at 606-886-7333 or by emailing chuck@OneEastKY.com.