Your Project Could Pencil in East Kentucky

Your Project Could Pencil in East Kentucky Main Photo

15 Feb 2022


Development and expansion projects are being delayed throughout the country due to the high cost of materials, labor and real estate. Not the case in East Kentucky. Even with rising costs, real estate and labor are affordable and well below the national average here. “Anyone who has put their expansion project on hold due to cost, should call us. We can show businesses how much they will save by purchasing property in East Kentucky and building here,” said Ivy Stanley, Director of Regional Development for One East Kentucky. “We can help them to find incentives as well. There’s money here for growing companies. They just have to give us a look.”

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There are shovel-ready industrial parks and properties throughout East Kentucky being offered at incredibly low rates. This, combined with an abundance of trained workers looking for jobs, makes East Kentucky an excellent option for any business that has put their expansion project on hold. “We have everything a business needs to succeed here and will do what it takes to make a project work. Whether you have an idea or a pressing and urgent need, call me. We can have a conversation and get to work finding a solution,” said Chuck Sexton, President & CEO of One East Kentucky. 

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