Industrial Properties in the U.S. Without the Red Tape

Industrial Properties in the U.S. Without the Red Tape Main Photo

1 Feb 2022


International companies looking to come to the United States may have difficulty finding industrial properties in the U.S. without the red tape of local regulations to stall the project. The reality is that there are places in the U.S. that no longer want industrial projects, preferring to pursue corporate headquarters and office-related projects instead. That’s not the case in East Kentucky. “We welcome industrial users here. In fact, Dajcor, a Canadian aluminum company, is one of our recent success stories. They opened their first U.S. location in East Kentucky and we rolled out the red carpet for them,” said Chuck Sexton, President & CEO of One East Kentucky. 

Industrial Properties in the U.S. for International Companies

Mike Kilby, President and CEO of Dajcor had this to say about East Kentucky when moving to the area, “Eastern Kentucky has excellent state-of-the-art fabrication training facilities within the area. They have a red-carpet approach to additional employee training and recruitment.” The company was welcomed with open arms and everyone worked to support them, from helping with site selection and securing financial incentives to helping them to find and train workers once they were operational. 

“East Kentucky welcomes industrial users, whether they are an international company or one home grown in the United States. We will do what it takes to support them and make their business successful,” said Sexton.

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