A retraining success story

9 Oct 2017

A retraining success story

Ask anyone changing careers—the task of retooling, upgrading, and repurposing job skills is one of the more difficult challenges a person can take on. It helps, however, if the skills required on the new job are matched to an underlying capability mastered on the old one.

Such is the case for a group of former coal miners now employed in advanced manufacturing. Coal miners operate equipment that hones their math and engineering skills—precisely the skillset required for operating on today’s high-tech assembly line.  

The men were graduates of eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute, a specialized training program designed to increase the existing skills of former coal workers for advanced manufacturing jobs. Trainees learn Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining—running the highly technical computers that operate lathes, routers, grinders, and other machines that build high-precision parts for the US manufacturing industry.

Today, they’re employed in new jobs, and the training program is expanding with a new crop of graduates. 

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