Coal Fields Industrial Park Virtual Building: A Beacon of Innovation in Eastern Kentucky

11 Oct 2023


In the heart of Eastern Kentucky, the Coal Fields Regional Industrial Park is a new development taking shape that promises to reshape the region’s economic landscape. The virtual building project offers a glimpse into the future of economic development in coal country. 

A Virtual Gateway to Opportunity in Eastern Kentucky: Build-Ready Sites are Available at the Coal Fields Industrial Park

Many know Eastern Kentucky to be the mecca of the coal mining industry. As the demand for coal continues to dwindle, the region has faced challenges with job loss and economic struggle. However, with the future development of the Coal Fields Industrial Park, innovation, technology, and diversification of jobs is on the horizon. 

Currently, the Coal Fields Industrial Park Virtual Building gives a digital view of what Eastern Kentucky has to offer businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors, creating a virtual hub for economic development.  

Curious about what you might find inside the Coal Fields Industrial Park Virtual Building? Try it out! You can access the renderings and plans and learn about the project’s vision here.