Where Can I Find Permitting Help in East Kentucky?

5 Aug 2022


If you’re in East Kentucky and wondering, “Where can I find permitting help in East Kentucky?” you have reached the right organization - One East Kentucky. As an organization we have hired an Existing Industry Liaison to help local businesses. And that includes getting help with permitting issues or any challenges with a government entity, etc. No matter how complex, we are here to help find a solution to the challenge you are facing. 

Where Can I Find Permitting Help in East Kentucky?

Sometimes businesses have challenges with permitting during an expansion project. If that happens to you, email Christi Brown at christi@oneeastky.com. Very often, we can help to resolve the issue by coordinating with the local governing body. Rather than being frustrated and taking time away from your daily work - let us help you with any permitting challenges. 

That’s not all we can help with. Free business support is available through One East Kentucky and that includes helping with strategic planning, finding financing solutions, securing training for workers, finding land for expansion, etc. All we need to get started is for you to take this short survey. After that, Christi will reach out to offer additional assistance at no-charge.