Expand Manufacturing Where the Workers Are

Expand Manufacturing Where the Workers Are Main Photo

18 Mar 2022


It makes sense to expand manufacturing operations where the workers are, rather than needing to convince more people to move to the site of your current plant. “It’s simply too much work to convince people to move when there’s another option on the table - bring your manufacturing plant to East Kentucky. We already have the workforce here - people who work hard, have skills but were left hanging with the transition from coal to green energy. They want to work and will work hard,” said Chuck Sexton, President & CEO of One East Kentucky. 

“We’ve had businesses start here who have gotten thousands of applications right away. It’s an HR dream to have workers come to you rather than relying on recruiters and expensive incentives packages,” said Sexton. 

Manufacturing Workers Are in East Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky has the perfect combination of development ready sites and a workforce ready to get to work. “It’s the right time to bring manufacturing projects to the region because we can get projects approved quickly and help manufacturers be operational fast enough to benefit from the demand for made-in-America goods,” said Sexton.

Start searching for manufacturing sites here, or email chuck@oneeastky.com for more information and assistance.