Site Selectors: Use Our Tools to Find Sites in Eastern Kentucky

22 Mar 2021

Site selectors can use our tools to find sites in Eastern Kentucky that meet their client’s objectives. Whether searching for airport property in Eastern Kentucky, an established industrial park with an existing major employer, or a vacant building ready for occupancy - we have the sites your client’s need. 

Find Sites in Eastern Kentucky Online

We realize that it isn’t always easy to find sites in Eastern Kentucky online because some owners don’t advertise. We get it. That’s why we made it easier for site selectors to quickly find the sites and information that they need to evaluate them. When you use our online tools, you will find data such as whether the sites have electricity already, location information and in many cases - the visual media you need to make a presentation. 

One East Kentucky can provide any additional information or support that site selectors need to fully evaluate the opportunities our region presents. We invite site selectors to reach out and to use our search tools to begin finding sites in Kentucky that meet their needs.