One East Kentucky Pivots in Response to COVID-19

One East Kentucky Pivots in Response to COVID-19 Main Photo

26 Aug 2020

“Our staff is implementing full virtual reality marketing so that even if travel bans and restrictions continue well into 2021, our region can effectively market sites, buildings, and communities as well as host augmented reality boardroom meetings with CEOs of companies from across the globe,” said Chuck Sexton, President & CEO of One East Kentucky. 

This is just one of the ways One East Kentucky is pivoting in response to COVID-19. One East Kentucky has always been a forward looking organization. Tasked with creating thousands of jobs for displayed coal mine workers, the organization has taken proactive steps to recruit businesses from throughout the country and the world. They have done so through aggressive marketing tactics and by traveling to meet with prospects on a regular basis. Now that COVID-19 has hampered travel and seriously impacted industry, they have found new and creative ways to conduct business outreach. They are also preparing for what happens after COVID-19. 

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