Where to Hire Talent in Hazard, Kentucky

Where to Hire Talent in Hazard, Kentucky Main Photo

5 Feb 2024

Companies ready to hire talent in Hazard, Kentucky, can screen for quality, pre-trained employees at EKCEP’s new Jobsight page. One East Kentucky also provides direct support in workforce development and hiring.

Companies Can Pre-Screen Candidates to Hire Talent in Hazard, Kentucky 

This alternative to traditional online job websites filters out spam endemic to LinkedIn and Indeed and identifies the highest-quality local candidates. Its pre-screening tools remove tedious HR work, saving hiring staff money and time as they better prepare for candidate interviews. 

This program’s smaller local scale draws from an audience of highly qualified and motivated professionals local to Eastern Kentucky and then pairs these candidates with the perfect company. It also builds the ideal candidates through close partnerships with client organizations to provide tailored coaching, internships, and additional training. 

Call existing Industry Liaison Christi Brown for more information about One East Kentucky’s partnership with EKCEP and other workforce development organizations.