East Kentucky Sites Are Low-Risk, High-Benefit

15 Nov 2021


East Kentucky is home to shovel-ready sites that offer businesses a low-risk location opportunity. “In today’s environment, businesses need to make choices that will mitigate unforeseen risks in a way that also supports their immediate operation needs. East Kentucky offers that,” said Chuck Sexton, President & CEO of One East Kentucky. 

Find Low-Risk Sites in East Kentucky

When it comes to low-risk sites, Sexton defines this as sites that are certified and ground can be broken quickly, without any delays caused by the proverbial red tape. “It’s also important for businesses to choose a location where, regardless of their industry, they know they will have political and community support for their project. Businesses can find that in East Kentucky,” he said. In addition, East Kentucky’s prices are lower than the national average and there is a large laborshed of skilled workers waiting to be hired. 

As for location, East Kentucky’s cannot be beat. “We are within a day’s drive to the majority of the U.S. population. That’s very attractive for businesses who manufacture and distribute products,” said Sexton. 

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