Simulator to help train next generation of truckers

1 Oct 2018

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) More than 99 percent of America's truck drivers are on the road creating an industry shortage of available workers.

Hazard Community and Technical College have one of the most affordable Commercial Truck Driving programs in the state of Kentucky, and it recently just got an incredibly important tool.

"It teaches them to get comfortable with the vehicle first and it teaches them to handle the vehicle and the different scenarios put them in real life situations before they get in my truck, so when they get in it I'm not teaching them to shift, and maneuver at the same time," said Jeff Stidham the CDL Instructor.

The program is one of four in the state and the second in Eastern Kentucky, along with Big Sandy Community and Technical College, to get a simulator from Advanced Training Systems, to help train the next class of semi truck drivers.

"This is exceptional because I can find his faults here before I put him in an actual vehicle," said Stidham.

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