Where Can I Find Help for My Business in East Kentucky?

8 Jul 2022


If you are wondering, “where can I find help for my business in East Kentucky?” you’re in the right place. One East Kentucky is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the economy of Eastern Kentucky. We know that supporting and helping our local businesses is the best way to do so. If we can help you to overcome a challenge, find employees or secure more contracts, we are helping you and helping our entire community in the process. 

Where Can I Find Help for My Business in East Kentucky?

For immediate help you can email Christi Brown at christi@oneeastky.com. Christi is our Existing Industry Liaison and is here to answer questions, connect you with partners and resources and help to solve whatever challenges you may be facing. For some businesses this means finding workforce training resources. For others, it can mean help with permitting or tax issues. Whatever your question or need - she is here to help. 

Another way to get support is to complete our survey. The survey can be completed at your convenience and allows you to share some information so that Christi can follow up with you later on. That means that even if your need is not urgent, you can submit the form, get connected to Christi and have a relationship established for when you do need help for your business.