Available Manufacturing Sites Near Automotive OEMs

Available Manufacturing Sites Near Automotive OEMs Main Photo

25 Mar 2022


East Kentucky has available manufacturing sites near automotive OEMs that are ideal for manufacturers in the supply chain, full scale automotive manufacturing operations and electric vehicle manufacturers. “We already have a strong metalworking cluster in East Kentucky. Companies such as R/S Godwin, Johnson Industries and Logan Corporation are located here - as is Dajcor Aluminum. These companies benefit from our close proximity to automotive OEMs and our skilled workforce,” said Chuck Sexton, President & CEO of One East Kentucky. 

“When it comes to location, East Kentucky is truly ideal,” said Ivy Stanley, Director of Regional Development. “We are within 200 miles of 7 automotive OEMs. Supply chain manufacturers benefit from this and Kentucky has consistently ranked #s2 and 3 for production in the U.S.”

Automotive Manufacturing Sites Are Ready for Development

“Not everyone wants more manufacturing in their community, but we do. East Kentucky is accustomed to large-scale manufacturing and we want more of it. Our sites are ideal for automotive manufacturing and One East Kentucky can help to secure incentives to make the project work,” said Sexton. 

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