Bit Source is an Agile Software and Website Development house. Providing pragmatic problem solving, modern project management, and diligent quality assurance, Bit Source is positioned to provide complete end-to-end solutions for Marketing, Business to Business, Mobile, and Research and Development needs in all industries and vertical markets. Bit Source is passionate about bringing a high touch approach that clients deserve in today's high tech world. Offering a complete team of programmers, architects, designers, testers, managers, support technicians, and SCRUM masters, Bit Source brings a personal, modern, and well-rounded approach to development. The culture at Bit Source is a down-home, family-friendly environment made possible by the quality individuals in our cross-functional teams. The company's slogan "A New Day, New Way" signifies the intention of re-purposing the great qualities of the local workforce by adopting technology, specifically software development. In addition to a new way, Bit Source stays close to the roots of treating clients with respect and projects with the utmost diligence.